Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. 1,978 square kms, in area and is situated astride the Equator in the Western Rift valley of South West Uganda, close to the Southern most tip of the fabled, mist covered Mountains of the Moon – Rwenzori Mountains and is contiguous with Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire. It is a region of varied habitats including open grassland with thickets, thick bush, forest, swamps and lake shore. Queen Elizabeth National Park together with Virunga encircle Lake Edward which is connected to Lake George by the Kazinga Channel.

Eco System
It is a world bio-sphere reserve (UNESCO 1979) includes a RAMSAR wetland site and is classified Important Bird Area (IBA) by Bird life International. Queen Elizabeth National Park has 568 of Uganda’s 1027 species of birds (over a quarter of Africa’s bird species) more than any other park in Africa.

In the Queen Elizabeth National Park you may see crater lakes filled with huge flocks of flamingo.

There is potential to view lions relaxing and elephants ambling and giant forest hog snuffing. Any visitor to this park cannot fail to be amazed by the enormous diversity in each kingdom of creation. It is simply a visual feast. Take a boat trip, a game drive, a woodland walk or simply enjoy any of the myriad stunning views.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park provides an unforgettable and unique experience.

Uganda Safari Attractions
Launch trips on Kazinga Channel down the shores of Lake Edward provide a unique vantage of viewing Savannah wildlife. A launch trip starts at Mweya the park headquarters along the Kazinga Channel, which joins Lake Edward and Lake George. Truly, this is among the most exciting and memorable experience offered by the park. While on the trip expect to be thrilled by yawning hippos and closer views of water birds along the shores.

In the Southern part of the park is the Ishasha sector where tree climbing lions may be found perched on Savannah fig trees. There is a high concentration of game in this Savannah setting, that includes Lake Edward and the Ishasha River flats, and the Ishasha riverine forest. The hippo pools in the Ishasha river and Congo escarpment provides splendid scenery.

Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Maramagambo Forest
Maramagambo Forest is one of the largest forests in Uganda. It is a medium altitude moist, semi-deciduous forest. Characteristics of such forest are increasingly becoming rare in Africa. It has very spectacular lakes and craters. It is the only place in the park where one could find Blue Lakes. Other features of attraction in the forest include; primates e.g L’hoest’s monkeys, Chimpanzees, bush baby, baboons, vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, etc. Due to its location, Maragambo has a high diversity of butterflies. The bat and the hunters cave are other pleasant experiences that the forest offers, and of course some forest birds.

Northern Crater Area
This area comprises a scenic area of explosion craters, some containing salt lakes, formed by volcanic activity some 8-10,000 years ago. Some of these craters are dry. These unique scenic vantage point and are important as dry season watering points for animals.

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