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Sights and sounds of Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Sights And Sounds Of Ishasha Sector In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda is a popular tourist destination notably because of the abundant wildlife, flora and fauna that tourists are guaranteed to encounter on any game drive through the park. Ishasha sector, located in the Southern part of the park is not quite as popular as the Mweya side of the park and has only recently acquired a steady visitor flow. This is not to say however that it is limited in abundance of wildlife. Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best place in the whole of Africa to see Tree Climbing Lions up close.

The landscape of Ishasha sector is mainly savannah grasslands and riverine forests, quite distinct from that in other parts of the park.

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park are often times seen lurking around in trees in the park. Although not definitively clear why these lions like to climb trees, locals believe that the lions climb to get a clear view of their unsuspecting prey and to steer clear of the Tsetse flies on the ground. The lions usually climb trees during the wet season and about 3 prides reside in this part of the park.

In addition to the famous Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha, visitors also encounter big herds of buffaloes, kobs, antelopes, elephants, hippos near Ishasha river among many other animal species.

Tree Climbing Lions can also be found in Lake Manyara National Park in the Southern part of Tanzania.

Bird watching in Ishasha

Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park is a good destination for bird watching tours in Uganda and is home to lots of bird species including herons, black coucal, storks, compact weaver among many others. Lake Edward and Ishasha River support birdlife and wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park up to the Ishasha sector in the South.

Getting to Ishasha

The road from Katunguru to Ishasha is seasonal and may be unreliable during the wet season necessitating the use of a 4×4 safari vehicle. The route via Kihihi and Ishaka is a rather more dependable one. Booking with a tour company in Uganda enables you to sit back and relax while they figure out how safely to get you there and back depending on your travel itinerary.

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