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Ishasha Wilderness Camp in Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Ntungwe River. The lodge is named after Ishasha, a superb setting famous for tree climbing lions. The lions can sometimes be spotted resting in the branches of the large fig trees in the area.

The location of Ishasha Wilderness Camp was carefully selected to enhance the beautiful views of the environment. African Elephants are often seen coming to quench their thirst.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ishasha Wilderness Camp in Queen Elizabeth National Park

For the fact that Ishasha is in an environment rich in wildlife, the lodge offers a vast array of activities such as game viewing, early morning and late afternoon game drives, sun downers in the late afternoon along the ridge area or besides the Ntungwe River and Bush breakfasts.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp guest wing comprises of 10 canvass rooms all self contained offering great views of the landscape and primates such as Vervets. A dining area for all the tents is centrally located with an outdoor lounge area. The dining experience provides guests with a taste of a broad selection of local and international cuisine.
Ishasha Wilderness Camp also offers Fly-in packaged rates consisting of accommodation, transportation to and from nearby airstrips.

A birding experience in the camp area and guided walks along the Ishasha River offers a close view of the hippos and unforgettable experience. Community visits are also arranged to offer insights in the lifestyles of the people around Ishasha area.

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