For Uganda Mountain Hiking Tours you will visit the Mount Elgon in the east which is easier to climb than the Rwenzori Mountains. The tour packages concentrate on the hiking tours to Uganda. Information about the various Mountains in Uganda and how you will trek is also provided in the itineraries.

Uganda Mountain Hiking Tours

Uganda Mountain Hiking Tours

6 Days Rwenzori Mountain Climbing Safari

Our Rwenzori Mountain Climbing safaris take you to climb Rwenzori Mountains while on your Uganda Safari. Relax at Margherita Peak, the highest point in Uganda. Contact us for the best Rwenzori Mountain Climbing tours in Uganda.
The Rwenzori Short Hike (6 days) consists of a hike lasting four days and three nights. These are inclusive of two extra days drive to and from Kampala / Kasese. It is an easier trial to satisfy any need also the families with children, so that all could enjoy the beauty of Rwenzori Mountain Climbing with lesser efforts.

7 Days Mount Elgon Hiking Safari

Mount Elgon Hiking Safari
Mount Elgon

This 7 Days Mount Elgon Hiking Safari takes you to Mount Elgon which has the largest surface area any extinct Volcano has ever had in the world. The mountain rises through a series of gradual slopes punctuated by steep cliffs to a height of 4,321 m above sea level. The volcanic foothills, cliffs, caves gorges and waterfalls combine with panoramic views across wide plains to create some of the most spectacular scenery in Uganda. Mount Elgon Hiking Safari is one of the most popular mountain hiking safaris in Uganda.

9 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari

The famous “Central Circuit” (9 Days) on this Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari consists of a hike lasting seven days and six nights plus two extra days for the drive from Kampala/Kasese and back. The level of difficulty of the circuit is not very high; therefore everybody can undertake this wonderful and exciting experience. The possibility is open for whoever wishes to climb the peaks which involves an extension of one day per peak throughout this 9 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari.

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