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Cultural Tourism in Uganda is best enjoyed while on our Uganda safaris and tours. Uganda is blessed with abundant wildlife, unique features and a fascinating cultural heritage which differs among the four major kingdoms and established chiefdoms that exist in the country.

namugongo martyr's shrine

Bwindi Gorilla tracking tours are the most popular of Uganda Safaris and they get even better when a cultural trail is included. Tourists get to visit the Batwa, experience their way of life, learn about their culture and even taste their cuisine.

The Bwindi cultural trail has helped diversify the experience of visiting Bwindi and tourists now have more to see and explore in addition to tracking Mountain Gorillas. Tourists get to sleep in tents, enjoy bonfire barbeque and eat crayfish from the lake.

A visit to Kabale Arts Centre is a great way to learn about the “Bakiga” tribe of Uganda. This small museum has historical and traditional highlights of how the Bakiga resisted the colonialists among many other things regarding the way of life of the Bakiga.

Igongo Cultural Centre near Mbarara town is another great stop for a cultural-fulfilling experience when visiting Uganda. There is a well researched museum depicting the history of Ankole and the general way of life of the Banyankole. The cultural center also has state-of-the-art hotel rooms providing great accommodation.

igongo cultural centre

Visiting Nshenyi Village about two hours from Mbarara town gives you the opportunity to mingle with the locals and get a firsthand experience of their traditional way of life as you explore the rural side of this Pearl of Africa.

Uganda has got many other cultural sites which include; the Kabaka’s Palace, Kasubi tombs, Ndere Center, Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine, Uganda Museum among many others. Some of these are among the top tourist things to do and see around Kampala and can be well explored during Uganda Safari tours.

Cultural Tourism in Uganda

Uganda has got such a vibrant and rich culture that tourists from around the world visit the country every year for the memorable experience. Cultural Tourism in Uganda is at it’s peak throughout the year and tourists can visit any time of the year.

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