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Sight of Ishasha Wilderness in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Sight Of Ishasha Wilderness In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Visit Uganda and enjoy the Sight of Ishasha Wilderness in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park is a famous tourist destination in Uganda mainly for its majestic Tree Climbing Lions. Ishasha sector is located in the Southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and is home to a variety of animal species. The landscape of Ishasha sector is mainly made up of riverine forests and savannah grasslands and is significantly different from the Mweya side of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Tree Climbing Lions

Oftentimes tree climbing lions are seen literally climbing the trees and hanging on branches or preying on grazing Uganda Kobs which are quite many in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The male lions have got black manes and about 3 prides reside in this part of the park.

According to locals, lions climb trees to escape fly bites and to get a clear view of the animals to prey on. The lions usually climb trees during the wet season.

Tree climbing lions look quite fascinating as they climb and rest up in trees sometimes after feasting on the weaker animals in the park. This is the best place to see these lions in the entire African continent. Apart from this sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, tree climbing lions can also be found in Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania.

In addition to the fascinating the Tree Climbing Lions, visitors also encounter big herds of buffaloes, kobs, antelopes, elephants, hippos near Ishasha river among many other animal species.

Bird Watching in Ishasha

Ishasha is also popular for bird watching tours and is home to lots of bird species including herons, black coucal, storks, compact weaver among many others. Ishasha river supports birdlife and wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park in addition to Lake Edward.

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