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Uganda is Africa’s Most Attractive Country

Uganda Is Africa’s Most Attractive Country

Expert Insider’s 2016 ranking names Uganda as Africa’s Most Attractive Country to live in and 25th in the entire world. This rank takes into account the family life, learning of the local language, ease of settling in each specific country among other factors. This is wonderful news to Uganda’s tourism industry and anyone who is well traveled will testify to how accurate it is.

There aren’t many rules to follow and the level of freedom is really significant once you set foot on Ugandan soil. You can enter and exit without ever being bothered or asked for identification be it day or night. More so, foreigners tend to be more favored than the locals in most aspects. For example in a restaurant, a white guy is likely to get served before the rest and he will certainly receive the best care and attention the restaurant can give. Even when asking for directions, everyone will be eager to help out a foreigner. And as New Vision’s Ddumba Nnyanzi puts it, you could park in the middle of Kampala Road, have a picnic in the chambers of Parliament or accidentally walk into State House and still get away with it.

The night life is quite vibrant and visiting tourists are always stunned at how jolly and friendly the people are. Kampala has got state-of-the art night clubs where partying goes on until morning not to mention endless themes. More interesting is that the prices of drinks are really low especially to an American or European. Therefore when they go partying in Kampala, there is no limit to how much fun they are guaranteed to have.

When it comes to natural beauty Uganda is no match for most countries. The lakes, rivers, mountains, flora and fauna all look perfectly placed to give the entire country a heavenly look. Uganda is the source of the world’s longest river, the home of biggest number of mountain gorillas that can be found in only a few other places on Earth, home to thousands of bird species and a very rich wildlife. All of these have people moving from around the world to see how wonderful this Pearl of Africa really is.

In business, Uganda is progressing steadily and as of right now, it ranks as the most entrepreneurial country in the world. This means that anyone can start up a business and see it grow and blossom because of the ready market for whatever business type. And while in Kampala, it is hard to spend a day without negotiating the price of a good or service. Everyone seems to be selling something. Foreign investors are now taking advantage of this market and setting up businesses in Uganda. And this is partly because there isn’t much red tape and no background checks of sorts.

The language factor is another thing Uganda excels in. The biggest percentage of foreign visitors speaks English and this is especially good considering that Uganda also ranks as Africa’s best English speaking country. This means that foreigners and locals will get along just fine and the local languages are also simple to grasp. For example, while in Kampala, you are likely to encounter a Chinese negotiating for a price of something in fluent Luganda.

Winston Churchhill wondered in this part of the planet in the 1900s and he saw so much wonder and natural beauty which he summed up as The Pearl of Africa. Many years later, Expert Insider’s 2016 rank has proven him right. It really is a paradise on Earth.

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