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Lake Victoria Sunset Boat Cruise in Entebbe

Lake Victoria Sunset Boat Cruise In Entebbe

For guests with an appreciation of adventure, Lake Victoria is definitely Entebbes playground. Guests may view fishermen mending their nets, and boats on a cruise boat or even take in the exciting scenery from the perspective of floater. People enjoy the Lake Victoria Sunset Boat Cruise in Entebbe because it is a soothing experience where they relax, loosen up and appreciate nature.

Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water in the world and the largest lake on the continent of Africa. On the shores of this lake is Entebbe, a stunning town which was an administrative capital of the country till 1962.

In the quiet evening, you may choose to spend your time in one of the sophisticated boats cruising up the equator line since Uganda is among the few countries crossed by this imaginary latitude. Our guests escape into the timeless elegance of the blue waters as they explore the neighbouring Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary to view the rescued orphaned Chimps and the neighbouring one minute south or pineapple bay on Bulago Island. It is at these islands that one appreciates the richness and diversity in wildlife ranging from water birds, reptiles and tree species.

African Pearl Safaris visitors on the cruise boat are transported on water rooted in leisure and splendour as bites and assortment of drinks are served. The boat trips are depart at either Uganda Wildlife Education Centre shoreline or waterfront pier. At times guests in Munyonyo are picked up for a moment to witness the African sun go to sleep.

We can guarantee that our guests will travel leisurely as the sun sets over Lake Victoria letting the natural beauty stir their imagination and the luxurious comfort of our boats bring forth memories. Contact us to book a Lake Victoria Sunset Boat Cruise in Entebbe.

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