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Red-tailed Monkeys in Uganda

Red-tailed Monkeys in Uganda are scientifically called Cercopithecus Ascanius. They live in groups or families dominated by an alpha male. The groups are always made of about 20 to 30 members, with the majority being females. Red-tailed Monkeys in Uganda The…

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Visit Lake Bunyonyi on Your Uganda Safari

Lake Bunyonyi In Uganda

Visit Lake Bunyonyi on your Uganda Safari. A drive to the Southwestern part of Uganda can be quite eye-catching. Vast stretches of plantations, modern country homes, Mount Muhabura a smooth highway and an enormous expanse of green all combine to…

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Discover Bugoma Forest Reserve in Uganda

Uganda is a country covered by large forests, but some of them remain largely unexplored In an age when forests are contributing greatly to the tourism traffic in Uganda. One of the least exploited forests is Bugoma Forest Reserve which encompasses the…

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Maramagambo Forest Bat Caves

Maramagambo Forest is an extensive rain forest which lies in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park in the far west of Uganda. Maramagambo Forest is perfect for hiking and nature walks as one gets clear views of beautiful crater lakes. The…

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Uganda’s most endangered animals.

Uganda’s most endangered animals. It is easy to take for granted the thousands of species in the form of flora and fauna that the universe has. If extra care is not taken, some of them are not here to stay…

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