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Jinja is widely known as Uganda’s adventure capital due to the variety and nature of tourist activities there. Located East of Kampala and at the Northern end of Lake Victoria, Jinja town is situated on the Eastern bank of River Nile, the longest river in the world right from the point where it starts its 6670 kilometer journey to the Mediterranean Sea. The drive to Jinja passes through interesting parts of Uganda including small towns, tea plantations, sugarcane plantations and the world famous Mabira Forest. Here are the top 5 tourist activities in Jinja.


white water rafting on River Nile

White Water Rafting on River Nile takes full or half day, enjoying getting soaked on the grade 3 and grade 5 trips on the Nile. Rafting is done every day year round based on minimum number of 6 people. The water temperature is 27c degrees all year round. In order to enjoy rafting you need to have water proof sunscreen, broad shorts, swim suits for wear on the river. Rafting trips start downstream. Jinja is a 2 hours’ drive from Kampala the capital of Uganda approximately 80 km by road. Chatter flights can be organized from Kajansi airfield near Kampala, and Entebbe to Jinja airfield.


boat cruise is one of the Top 5 Tourist Activities in Jinja

Source of the Nile is the best place to go for relaxation, enjoyment and discovery of Jinja, the Speke memorial site in jinja marks the origin of the longest river in the whole world the place has a beautiful view of Lake Victoria the world’s largest fresh water lake, the source of the Nile offers relaxing boat cruises enjoying the cool breeze and wonderful sights. A river boat cruise is the perfect way to enjoy river Nile. The best time to visit source of the Nile is in the morning and late evening to enjoy sunsets on boat cruise and also the crowd of students coming to visit the source of the Nile. Uganda Safaris to Jinja often times involve boat cruises on the River Nile.


Top 5 Tourist Activities in Jinja

Quad biking is one of the most interesting activities taking place around Jinja town, it’s a self-drive activity going through different paths and in places where it’s not congested. The activity takes place along the banks of river Nile enjoying land scape and the beautiful scenery of the place. Quad biking is one of the popular adventures in Jinja and is a great way to explore Jinja. You will ride around the local villages, farm lands, and also interact with the locals. Expert guides are available as well as the bikes.

Quad biking can be arranged between two and five hours. The biking begins with a briefing and free lessons on how to manage the bike on the road, looking out for children and maintaining balance on the road. Bikers are fitted with helmets and a group follows the leader going through the country side and different routes are taken when going and coming back, it costs about 50 to 110 dollars depending on the hours that you’re going to spend biking and routes taken. Quad biking in Jinja is better during the rainy season. The more slippery the ground, the more interesting the experience is. Bookings can be made through a Uganda tour company.


Jinja is the only place where you can take part in bungee jumping in Uganda. It starts from registration of participants; visitors can choose to go for a long or short jump. It is one of the highest jumps in Africa towards the bottom of river Nile, it includes jumping from a high platform and plunge 44 meters into the Nile. Bungee jumping is a mind-blowing experience and very interesting. The minimum age of the jump is 13 and it can be done at night as well.


horse back riding in Jinja

Horseback riding in Jinja was introduced in order to allow tourists to experience the villages while having the views of the Nile and tea estates. The rides take place in the morning and evening hours for about 2 to 3 hours. There are night rides but only experienced riders are allowed to out for a night ride. There are weight restrictions of not more than 90 kilograms so that the horses are not strained. A few people participate due to the less number of horses. Horseback riding in Uganda can also be found in Lake Mburo National Park. Jinja presents a wide range of adventure-filled activities that most tourists visiting Uganda often times love to take part in.

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