Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most spectacular parks with a scenery unlike any other in East Africa. Tucked into the corner of Uganda’s boarder with South Sudan and Kenya, the park offers a beautiful Vista of the breathtaking Savannah and mountain Landscapes which end in a rugged horizon. Uganda Safaris to Kidepo Valley National Park provide opportunities of remarkable wildlife encounters during game drives through the park.

beautiful kidepo national park
Beautiful Kidepo Valley National Park.

The carnivore species unique to Kidepo Valley National Park are the striped- hyena, Caracal, bat-eared fox, the cheetah, others are Lion, Leopard, Spotted hyena and Jackals. Elephants are present in the wild haven.

A huge latitudinal range, correspondingly wide climatic conditions have evolved an extremely diverse flora. As a result, the variety of animal species in the park is equally diverse including many of which are found nowhere else in Uganda. Kidepo Valley National Park harbors lions, Zebras and Giraffes are a sight to admire in this area.

Kidepo Valley National Park
Buffaloes spotted in Kidepo Valley National Park.

The park also boasts of an extensive bird list with 475 species second to Queen Elizabeth National Park with 625 species. Kidepo Valley National Park is outstanding with 58 species birds of prey such as Egyptian culture and the pigmy falcon.

The Kanangarok Hot springs that cross the Kidepo river are also worth a visit. They are 40 Km away from Apoka camp. They are locally known as Maji Moto. Chances of seeing the Zebras, elephants, giraffe, cheetah, lions, ostrich and the Kudus in this area are high. Kanangarok Hot springs which mean place of black stones in the native language are a small collection of natural hot springs located near the Sudan border in Kidepo National Park.

On the way to the Hotsprings, our tourists are amazed by the way we cut through two main biomes of Kidepo; Savannah grasslands in the Narus Valley then to semi-arid short grass area in the Kidepo Valley National Park.

zebra in kidepo national park
Zebra spotted in Kidepo National Park.

The natives neighboring the park have a rich diverse culture which consists of traditional dances, handicrafts, spears and hand bungles from beads among others.

The Ik are one of the most reclusive tribes in Uganda and still live in a very high traditional manner. They live on top of the Morungole mountain in seclusion.
A visit to the Ik takes about 12 hour round which includes hikes. They are hospitable and prior bookings to visit them are made.

Kidepo National Park is about 840Km from Kampala, and is an area of about 1,334sq Km. Join us for a journey into the real wild!