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30Km south of Fort Portal between the main Fort Portal – Kasese road and Kibale Forest is a collection of Crater lakes. The Crater Lakes Visit in Fort Portal is quite adventurous and liked by many tourists. The crater lakes  were formed as a result of vulcanicity, with violent eruption causing the top of a volcano to be blown off, leaving a crater.

The lakes are so many and vary size and character, and have well-developed facilities. It’s amazing that crater lakes are bilharzia-free and hence safe for swimming. However, it is important to establish the living creatures within or around a particular crater. Meanwhile, these crater lakes are ideal for sport fishing, nature walks, cycling and a great opportunity to do intensive bird watching. These crater lakes have over 300 bird species.

Crater Lakes Visit in Fort Portal

The popular crater lakes include: Lake Nyabikere, literary translated as lake of Frogs. This tranquil spot is 30 minutes drive from Fort Portal on the Kamwenge road, and just 100 m off the main road at the edge of Kibale Forest National Park. It is possible to walk from Lake Nyabikere to Lake Nkuruba via Lake Nyinabulitwa to Lake Nyamirima. Nyabikere is a popular base for Chimp treks in the Primate Kingdom of Kibale. Local fishing boats are available to ease transport from one Lake to another.

Another popular Lake is Nyinambuga. This image is found on Uganda’s 20,000 currency note. This blue-green lake offers stunning views of nature. Popular facility called Ndali lodge is set on a narrow ridge overlooking this water body 100m below.

crater lake in Fort Portal

Lake Nkuruba is another amazing Nature reserve which has contributed to education progress among the natives in the community. It has camping areas in tranquil settings and nice walks to the top of the world, to the neighbouring lakes, the Mahoma falls and the explosion crater.

Most other lakes such as Lake Nyamugasani, Lake Ntambi, Lake Mubiro, Lake Lyantonde, Lake Nyanswiga are inaccessible. Meanwhile, Lake Kasenda has fertile soils around it which favorites the growth of Arabia coffee which has led to the growth of Agro-tourism. However, a visit to Mahoma falls in Kabata village, near Ndali lodge can be arranged for an epic relation with nature.

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