Visit Uganda This Easter Holiday. Easter is not only the most significant Christian holiday in the year but also an opportunity for people to get out with family and friends and have a good time while relaxing from their busy schedules. For some, it is a time to rebuild their relationship with God and others in a spirit of renewal.

Visit Uganda This Easter Holiday

Beautiful National Parks, lakes, rivers, beaches, hotels and wild animals should always be thought about when planning on celebrating the Easter holiday. For those who spend most of their time in cities amidst the noise and stress, and rarely get to experience the fresh air and atmosphere upcountry, spending the holiday by the lake or mountain top as they catch a refreshing glimpse of nature is just what they need to relieve stress. Nowadays, there are campsites, guesthouses and hotels with wide open spaces for them and their families to play and relax in.

National Parks and Hotels offer a great new experience and an opportunity to interact with many people attracted by the common interest and therefore spending a time like the Easter holiday there can be so much fun. At a time like this, Uganda Wildlife Authority negotiates with different hotels so that they can offer free or discounted Easter packages to customers to encourage them to visit Uganda National Parks. Tour products offered by National parks are really exciting and these include boat rides, night game rides, nature walks among others and tour guides are always on hand to guide the people around the national parks.

Some families and groups opt for hotels and guest houses with self-catering options as a way of saving money on the trip especially when they plan on having an extended stay. Uganda Wildlife Authority accommodation facilities in Queen Elizabeth National Park have got self-catering units and family apartments.

Within Kampala, most hotels have organised Easter programmes and discounts on accommodation to encourage people to visit and relax. They also have activities for children like the Easter egg hunt and special dinners and entertainment tailored to suit most people. Jinja Nile Resort with a great setting by the banks of River Nile has offers for singles and couples Easter. All domestic and international guests headed to Bwindi to track Gorillas will be offered discounted accommodation by The Hotels Association working closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority.
Therefore, with all these offers going around this Easter season, how about you take advantage and challenge yourself by trying out something new. Put your spirit of adventure to a test by going bungee jumping, white water rafting, rock climbing or hiking the Rwenzori. Happy Easter.

By Edward Nankunda

Visit Uganda This Easter Holiday

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