Uganda's Royal Mile Culture and Birdwatching

Uganda’s Royal Mile Culture and Birdwatching.

Omukama Kabalega ll ( 1853-1923) of Bunyoro – Kitara used to frequent Budongo Forest, together with his Queen for recreation; to perform rituals; and to supervise the Abarusuura (his soldiers) undergoing training.

These activities were done in a location called the “Royal Mile”. This is a wide avenue of trees with abundant bird life. The terrain is flat, allowing for good on-foot travelling conditions for tourists. It is a spectacular one- mile-long forest road in the forest. The Royal mile is located on the southern side of Budongo Forest next to Nyabyeya Forestry College. The forest lies at the edge of the Albertine Rift and is attached to Murchison Falls National Park in the south.

Nearby the forest edge is Lake Kanyege, with water birds and clouds of butterflies. Chimpanzees in habituated groups can be located by the guides, and the best time is at first light, so an overnight stay at Budongo Eco-lodge is a good idea.

This spot is ideal for birding with over 360 West and central African species. Some are migratory and others are endemic to the region. Other birds you should look out for include; Cassie’s hawk eagle, blackhead paradise fly catcher, Forest Robin, Yellow manted weaver.

Uganda boasts of over 1000 bird species, which is 11% of the World’s population, and half or 50% of Africa’s bird life. There is no surprise that Uganda is the best destination for birders and other nature enthusiasts.

Uganda’s Royal Mile, Culture and Birdwatching

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