Serenada Eco Resort is a privately owned eco resort located between the shores of lake Victoria and a conserved tropical forest in the serene village of Kyaggwe. It is the nearest ecological resort from Kampala offering the visitors a tropical forest, the majestic Lake Victoria, monitor lizards, caves, rich bird population, rare monkeys, fabulous gardens, butterflies, pangolins and other wildlife.

Serenada Eco Resort

Serenada Eco Resort

A former ambassador, Ibrahim Mukiibi and his wife took to this village way back in the 1980s and they have painstakingly conserved this forest for more than three decades hoping to restore and turn it into a retreat based on living in harmony with nature.

Serenada Eco Resort is enclosed in wild flowers and fruit trees and ecology can be enjoyed on many levels. Serenada also serves as a botanical garden by growing medicinal plants as well as plants containing essential oils. Currently the resort can boast of being the host of many indigenous trees.

The visit to the village takes you closer to the people as the local tour guides take you through the fairy tales that built this important locale in the history of Buganda Kingdom. Many folks still visit this place to either get rid of bad luck or seek favours from the gods that reside in the trees and mountains around Kyaggwe.

At Serenada Eco Resort you will enjoy nature, healthy organic food and a variety of rewarding activities. You will also enjoy the daunting mountain climbing and the Adrenaline-filled papyrus canoeing. On top of the mountain, you will see all the villages around. The canoeing experience which covers an intricate network of canals inter-joining wetlands throws you on the same path with reptiles and birds.

Back at the base, there are furnished tents set on wooden platforms overlooking Lake Victoria, each with comfortable mattresses, mosquito nets and private terraces. After these activities, you will sink into one of the most romantic beds you will ever find in a forest. The sound of nature will have you entertained until you fall asleep.

Serenada is probably the best secret in Uganda’s tourism locker waiting to be explored and can be your weekend retreat with the family or a holiday of relaxing activities such as fishing, nature walk, Lake cruise, bird watching, sunbathing, beach games, cycling and other water sports, papyrus canoeing, mountain biking, beach games or having a romantic honeymoon. Serenada Eco Resort is a suitable destination for both locals and foreigners.

Serenada Eco Resort, Stay at Serenada Eco Resort in Mukono

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