Sights and Sounds of Jinja Town

Sights and Sounds of Jinja Town

Jinja town is located at the head of the Napoleon Gulf on the northern end of Lake Victoria, and lies on the east bank of the Victoria Nile. Jinja town is best known for being the source of the Nile. The shops in the main Street are well maintained and, as you walk through the town, you appreciate the old colonial and Asian bungalows in their spacious gardens. Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of Jinja Town.


There is a plaque marking the spot from which the Nile begins it’s journey through Uganda, Sudan and Egypt. The source of the Nile was actually at the site of the Rippon Falls.
On the West bank, stands the John Speke memorial. A monument where Speke stood when he first sighted the Source of the Nile, on 28 July 1862, naming it Rippon Falls.


With rapids named to increase anticipation; Silverback, Surfcity and ribcage, Whitewater Rafting is an adventure activity which is not for the faint of heart. It is tremendous fun but physically quite demanding. During this activity, watch out for sunburn: the combination of water and equatorial sun is dangerous. The other adrenaline-pumping activities include; kayaking, canoeing, ziplinning,jet boating etc.


The Bujagali falls are approximately 8Km from Jinja. It is a spectacular area with about 1 Km of raging water. Legends are told about Mr.Bujagali who sits on the river on a bark-cloth mat. For a minimal fee, locals will offer to swim over the falls while holding on to a jerry-can. It is not brilliant to encourage this dangerous activity.


The Owen Falls Dam was built in 1954 and it supplies most of Uganda , and a good part of Kenya, with electricity. The main road from Kampala to the east crosses the dam, so if you are travelling on road, be rest assured that you will get a good view.


The tours to the breweries have specific dates in a week mainly for students. It is an entertaining way to see how Ugandans operate a brewery. There is a small souvenir shop on the site.


The Mahatma Gandhi memorial statue is located at the source of the Nile vicinity. Part of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were scattered right there, at the source of the Nile.


Mpumudde hill is where the late Omukama of Bunyoro,Kabalega, a Ugandan who resisted colonialism is believed to have met his death while making his way back to Bunyoro after serving his exile term in Kenya.

The Ganda word Mpumudde means “I have rested”.

Folklore has it that Kabalega when urged to move on, told his friends in his native Kinyoro language that “Mpumwire” (I have rested).The hill has since then been referred to as Mpumudde.

Mpumudde hill is the property of the Busoga kingdom. It is on this same hill that the chiefs of Busoga made a small cairn of stones in memory of the British Administrator, Mr. F. Spire, CMG.


This structure, constructed during the reign of Sir. William Wilberforce Nadiope in 1965 was ransacked by Idi Amin’s soldiers in the mid 1970s. It is undergoing renovation.

Sights and Sounds of Jinja Town

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