Enjoy The Best Local Cuisine at The Roots Restaurant.

Enjoy The Best Local Cuisine at The Roots Restaurant. Frequent travelers to Uganda know how great the food is. Many restaurants in Kampala have got food menus that will make you feel right at home and they’ve got expert chefs whose job is not only to make sure that the food is professionally cooked, but also to ensure that it is tasty, delicious and served on time.

A first time visitor to this Pearl of Africa might want to try out the local cuisine, just to get the feel of a typical Ugandan dish. This can be a little tricky since most restaurants have adopted the Western style of cooking with some doing Chinese or Indian. And if you do not know your way around, you might miss out on the probably the most delicious of meals in human history. This is where The Roots Restaurant comes in.

The Roots Restaurant is exactly the place you want to visit if you are looking for well prepared local Ugandan food, that will be served to you in time and will surely taste like Christmas. The staff is really jolly, friendly and will welcome you with enough vigor to make you feel relaxed the entire time. They will constantly check on you to see if you are enjoying yourself or if you need any assistance.

Their prices are unbelievably pocket-friendly and to a European or American tourist, it only feels like chump change. The menu includes Chicken Luwombo, Goat Luwombo, Beef Luwombo which are well cooked while wrapped in banana leaves thereby heightening the taste, Mingled Millet among so many foods. This best goes down with drinks which are also in plenty depending on your preference as you listen to some soothing music.

The Roots Restaurant is located on Akii Bua road behind Nakasero Hospital which is the urban residential part of Kampala, without sound pollution from taxis and the area has got plenty of trees which makes the whole environment more calm, green and serene. It is the perfect place to meet with friends and family.

Enjoy The Best Local Cuisine at The Roots Restaurant.

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