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Reptile Village in Entebbe

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Uganda Reptile Village in Entebbe

In Entebbe, a village was established in 2002 by Yasin Kazibwe, a reptile expert who has rescued over 40 different species of snakes. This place is called the Reptile Village tourists on Uganda safari tours often go there to watch the different reptiles.

Besides snakes, chameleon, tortoises, crocodiles and monitor lizards are resident in the village. They are safely guarded in cages whereas the crocodiles are in a huge pond and therefore visitors on safari tours to Uganda are safe while visiting. Yasin dedicated his life to the conservation of reptiles. Visitors are given an opportunity to lift the African rock python under the supervision of the reptile guides. Quite a frightening experience, but a moment to put away ones fears.

Reptile village is situated off the Kampala-Entebbe highway. It is 3Km off the main road. The lush green village is not a place for holiday makers, but a destination ideal for excursions. The founders of the village emphasize the purpose of the village as an education centre about reptiles where people on tours in Uganda go to learn and research and also a habitat for different reptile species.

The guides at the village are informative and often share intriguing facts about reptiles. While in Entebbe, you may pass your lazy day exploring the various species of reptiles. In the warm smile of the guides, you will find a lovely memorable gateway to the Pearl of Africa-Entebbe.

Bird Watching Tour in Entebbe

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Bird watching Tour in Entebbe

Uganda has conducive all year climate, without a doubt she plays host to migrant bird species. Not a single destination can compare to Uganda and her assortment of tourism products let alone the donuts bird list!

Uganda has over 1067 bird species. This bird list is remarkable considering the size of the country, which makes her Africas richest birding destination with over 50% of Africas birds.

On arrival at Entebbe International Airport spend two nights in the beautiful town of Entebbe, and you will appreciate the variety of birds flying over your roof, those in the nearby trees and those chirping in the compound. A walk through the Entebbe botanical gardens along the shores of Lake Victoria, you will be introduced superbly to Uganda’s birds conviniently situated close to the Airport and the capital, Kampala. Species include the great blue and ross turaccos, Klaas Diedrik Cuckoo’s, woodland Kingfisher and the African fish eagle.

A boat cruise along the shores of Lake Victoria to Mabamba Bay Shoebill wetlands will introduce you to one of the few remaining swamps in the country protected by the local communities. It is an extensive papayrus swamp with channels and lagoons. It is an Important Bird Area, and home to several pairs of shoebills, Ugandas most famous avian resident. The shoebill is the most sought-after bird in Africa. Other birds in Mabamba include a selection of pink-backed Pelican, Long tailed Cormorant, Spur-winged plovers, African fish eagle and Marabou storks.

Alternatively, visit Uganda Wildlife Education Centre to admire the pair of shoebill storks. The centre has less little birds to create an admiration for the winged creatures. UWEC also has the Ostrich bird, that can only be located in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Visitors are at times seen walking along the criss-cross lanes between the Entebbe main road and the lake shore in search of birds. With our Uganda birding tour packages, we can guarantee a rich birding experience in Entebbe and the rest of the country.

Lake Victoria Sunset Boat Cruise in Entebbe

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Lake Victoria Sunset Boat Cruise in Entebbe

For guests with an appreciation of adventure, Lake Victoria is definitely Entebbes playground. Guests may view fishermen mending their nets, and boats on a cruise boat or even take in the exciting scenery from the perspective of floater. People enjoy the Lake Victoria Sunset Boat Cruise in Entebbe because it is a soothing experience where they relax, loosen up and appreciate nature.

Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water in the world and the largest lake on the continent of Africa. On the shores of this lake is Entebbe, a stunning town which was an administrative capital of the country till 1962.

In the quiet evening, you may choose to spend your time in one of the sophisticated boats cruising up the equator line since Uganda is among the few countries crossed by this imaginary latitude. Our guests escape into the timeless elegance of the blue waters as they explore the neighbouring Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary to view the rescued orphaned Chimps and the neighbouring one minute south or pineapple bay on Bulago Island. It is at these islands that one appreciates the richness and diversity in wildlife ranging from water birds, reptiles and tree species.

African Pearl Safaris visitors on the cruise boat are transported on water rooted in leisure and splendour as bites and assortment of drinks are served. The boat trips are depart at either Uganda Wildlife Education Centre shoreline or waterfront pier. At times guests in Munyonyo are picked up for a moment to witness the African sun go to sleep.

We can guarantee that our guests will travel leisurely as the sun sets over Lake Victoria letting the natural beauty stir their imagination and the luxurious comfort of our boats bring forth memories.

Silverback Lodge Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Silverback Lodge Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The lodge reflects the richness and diversity of Bwindi’s heritage. Architecturally inspired by the area’s natural beauty, the facility is designed using local material, such as forest vines, sisal rope and purple slate stone. The Silverback lodge captures the soul of Bwindi, rustic and welcoming.

There are 12 rooms with each having an en suite bathroom and comfortable chairs on the veranda for viewing the thick green forest and misty valley. There are 7 twin rooms, 4 double rooms and 1 single room. It is at this point that visitors appreciate nature’s variety and landscape from forests, hills and bird life. We can guarantee that you will escape into the timeless elegance and grace as you explore one of the most scenic areas in East Africa, home of the endangered mountain gorilla.

Tempt yourself with delicious buffet dishes where local dining influences will thrill your taste buds. The restaurant serves dishes ranging from local to International menus. The bar is stocked offering a warm ambience to share tales of your gorilla trekking experience. The gardens are ideal for relaxation.

Silverback is located in the Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It offers walking trails from the lodge and visits to the local Batwa pygmy community. Access to this place is either by 1 hour and 40 minute domestic flight or full days drive from Kampala to Bwindi.

Lake Albert Safari Lodge in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Monday, March 27th, 2017

Lake Albert Safari Lodge in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Lake Albert formerly known as Lake Mobutu Sese Seko is one of the African Great lakes. It is Africa’s seventh-largest lake and worlds twenty-seventh largest lake by volume. It is here that you find Lake Albert Safari Lodge in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve.

Near this lake is a facility in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve offering a magnificent vista from the lodge over Lake Albert and the blue mountains of the Congo.The sight of local fishermen fish night and day under the moon, star and sunlight is truly African. Boasting of 10 double thatch cottages, the lodges unique variety of room configurations will satisfy every requirement.

The facility offers bed and breakfast, breakfast and dinner and full board. There is a camping ground and you are advised to carry your own equipment. This lodge offers unlimited adventures including; Game drive both day and night, horseback riding especially early in the morning and sunset, birding an unofficial count of upto 460 species, quadbikes adventures, nature walks, fossil hunting for all ages and wind the day in the swimming pool with a breeze from the lake.

The lodge which opened in September 2006 continues to set a new standard of accommodation in Lake Albert area for business and leisure time. Visitors appreciate the setting of the pool and thatched cabanas with the sights of nature

Lake Albert Safari Lodge is set in between Murchison Falls and Fort Portal right at the shore of Lake Albert. Access from Kampala through Hoima takes close to 4 hours and 30 minutes.

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